Testimonials by our Students

Shaurya has always been an active boy with lots of energy. We always wanted Shaurya to utilise his energy by getting trained and guided by a Master for Self Defence and holistic development. What better than my own Master training my son!
Master Dr. M. J. Pillai has been instrumental in imbibing confidence in me at an early age, when I was His student, which helped me a lot during my training in the Army. The discipline with which Keimoudo is practised has not changed a bit in all these years. The strict yet mandatory and necessary discipline and rules are still followed in the classes. The prayers are offered like they used to be during our times and the bow similar to a military salute towards your seniors brings the feeling of a military-like organisation.
We have seen a motivated and disciplined Shaurya since he joined the class. He is particular about his class and is eager to be there to learn more. I must say here that he is being moulded in a military like discipline during his classes and has understood the worth of a uniform, may it be a Soldier's Uniform or his own Martial Arts Uniform.
His Physical performance has increased visibly and his concentration also. His over-all attitude has been different towards challenges after he started learning Keimoudo Sparring. Contact games are a must to drive out fear from a child and what better than Keimoudo’s properly guided sparring, which is so necessary in today's security scenario.
We are extremely proud that Shaurya is being trained under the valuable guidance of my Master Dr. M. J. Pillai and His motivated team of IIMMA. We thank Master and His team for being dedicated to a cause and wish them all the luck for their future endeavours.

Major Kedar V. Dalvi, Posted at Baramulla, Srinagar
Keimoudo Black Belt 1st DAN (in January 1996)
Father of Shaurya K. Dalvi (8 yrs old)
Keimoudo Green belt, Mar 2018

In Today's world where crimes against women are on the rise "self defence" has become an indispensable part for every woman. Especially me being a Doctor, emergencies are a part and parcel of my profession. Sometimes emergencies strike at midnight and sometimes at the wee hours of the morning. Travelling at such odd times is dangerous, but after joining this class I am well versed with self defence and have confidence to step out at any time of the day/night to serve my patients. Moreover the rigorous training that we receive during the course rejuvenates our body, boosting its' immunity system, leading to generalised wellness. As a result I haven't taken a single dose of antibiotic in the past one year after joining this course! Keimoudo is not merely about self defence techniques, as it may seem, through the Master's guidance, it teaches and brings out the equilibrium of "body, mind, and soul" helping you to live a more spiritual, harmonious and balanced life. Spiritual aspect of Keimoudo helps you to maintain your calm at any juncture thus leading to better handling of any adversity.
Dr. Aparna V. Tamhanekar, M.S. (Gold medallist)
Keimoudo Green Belt, Mar 2018
Consultant and Specialist

Just learning martial arts in physical dimension and getting physical benefits is common everywhere. But what unique quality that I have benefited from here, other than physical health, is mental and emotional stability. Nowadays I am surrounded with a lot of people who fight with themselves. They struggle with their own mental and emotional states. They have self doubts, fear, anxiety in uncomfortable situations, low self esteem in approaching new people, stage fear, etc.
Under the guidance of MASTER I am clearer with my visions, confident to face any kind of unfamiliar situations, brave enough to handle my failures by not blaming others and am responsible towards other people. I have learnt to be punctual, and be alert and aware of my surroundings at all times to tackle any situation to my best level possible. Master has also made me aware about spirituality which has ingrained morality, ethics and discipline into my personality.

Akshat S. Kaup, B. E. (Electrical)
Keimoudo Black Belt 1st DAN, Apr 2017

When I first came to know of these classes, I had expected an ordinary class where students come in at the start time, attend the sessions and leave at the end. Well, I was up for a few surprises, good ones indeed. The reporting time is about half an hour earlier which gives us a chance to warm up and even get our mistakes corrected by the teachers. Then come the exercises which taught me to push myself, symbolically as well as literally! And the self defence techniques... No matter how many students attend the class, the teachers keep an eye on every student and catalyse each one's development process. Additionally, I was also given a chance to support and keep the practice hall clean and tidy.
The Master is both strict and amiable. Strict with respect to His discipline and amiable to every student of His. The Master holds special Talk Sessions every month where the students can ask questions they might have regarding the sessions, the Art, their personal life or anything that troubles them. These sessions I have found unique because the answers that Master provides to each of the questions is of a very different point of view and coming from His profound experience and understanding of Yog.
There are also events happening throughout the year like Mahashivratri, Sparring Tournaments and Residential Training Camps which were sheer pleasant surprises.
All in all, the class doesn't only teach me self defense, but, through discipline and apt guidance, also teaches me 'A way to be ME'.

Devavrat S. Anikhindi, B.E. (Mechanical)
Keimoudo Yellow Belt, Mar 2018
Currently preparing for M.Sc. Programs from Sweden or Germany

Suryansh started with Keimoudo a year ago (in April 2017) when he was just 7 and a half years old. Since then he has been enjoying the class. They have bi-annual residential training camps for which Suryansh has participated and he loved going to the camp. I was surprised as that was the first time he has ever been alone away from home, and I am glad it was with the institute. He is very enthusiastic about going again! I am happy with this change in him. The class is very systematic and I like it when they say the prayers together at the beginning and at the end of class. It's a beautiful feeling of peace for me. Suryansh loves going to this class.
Pallavi N. Naik, Teacher
Mother of Suryansh Bhide
Keimoudo Green Belt, Mar 2018

I was searching for a martial arts institute from the last one year and I could not have found a better institute then IIMMA. I joined this institute in the month of August 2017 and I found a lot of changes in my physical and mental health. The discipline I observed here is par beyond my imagination. The techniques taught here are very useful in day to day life and changes the perception towards way of living. I highly recommend training here for everyone who wants to learn quality martial arts.
Lavika D. Shaha, M Pharm (from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan)
Keimoudo Yellow Belt, Mar 2018

The discipline of the class and the depth of detail in every technique is something I have not seen anywhere else. There is a reason and accuracy to everything we do here. Master's talk sessions compliment this. I have observed that His words have layers of meaning that you don't immediately understand but discover slowly with time and contemplation. What I find most satisfying is that here it does not just stop at martial arts but there is scope to go deeper, and questions are welcome. The techniques in class and the Master's words have given me a great amount of clarity and most importantly it renews my courage to trust in myself rather than follow the crowd. I am grateful that there is still a place like this for a genuine seeker.
Chandan Mulherkar, B.E. (Mechanical)
Keimoudo Orange Belt, Mar 2018
Senior Researcher, Centre for Environmental Research and Education

My Master, Yoga Acharya Dr. M. J. Pillai! He is my Mentor, my Guide, my Everything! He has changed my life! He teaches me how to live Life beautifully. His knowledge and thoughts always help me with my work and day to day living. Master has helped me grow spiritually as well. The best part about Master is His discipline. He always teaches us how to be a responsible person in society. When I am with my Master I always feel positive and energetic. I am so thankful that I met Master in this life.
Roshan S. Khatate, Photojournalist, Mar 2018
Keimoudo student since 2012

I have joined Keimoudo Martial Arts in December 2017. It is deservingly the best Martial Arts Institute I have ever seen or heard about. Every session attended and every moment of time spent here has been really been worth it. This institute has helped to get off the boredom and depression that we face in doing our regular jobs and personal issues. It gives a new path in which we can regain our lost enthusiasm. The teaching and advice given by the teachers and our Master help us not only in improving martial arts skills but also help to improve our quality in the tasks that we do in our day to day life. The discipline in the class is at the utmost level which helps us to make our life disciplined. Students are given a clear picture of what they need to do to achieve success in martial arts. This class is the best gift parents can give to their child or themselves.
Pranay R. Kardile
Keimoudo Yellow Belt, Mar 2018
Manager IT, Intelenet Global Services Ltd

I have joined Keimoudo Martial Arts classes in October 2017. So far I have attended one training camp also. I would like to share what I have experienced in these last few months. Master has very thoughtfully designed the entire class including the rules and discipline, right from the prayer to the completion of the class. Daily practice includes effective punches and kicks. And the most important session is the monthly Talk Session with Master which increases our knowledge tremendously.
In the Residential Training Camp we were taught tactics of how to save our lives in different risky situations! We also learnt exercises for physical and mental wellbeing, including yoga asanas. We learnt and practiced different methods of self-defence including one-to-one combat and group handling. Most importantly I also learnt time management, from how the camp was organised and executed by the Master.
In conclusion Keimoudo has the power to create a Complete Warrior!

Umesh M. Sakpal
Keimoudo Yellow Belt, Mar 2018
Dialysis technician, Fauziya Hospital, Kurla (W)

My journey so far...And many more years to come!
About a year or so, my passion for learning martial arts began when I saw an Indian martial arts movie. I was so inspired by the actor and his kicks. I then decided now is the time for me also to learn Martial Arts. I tried searching for classes where they taught martial arts but somehow I could not find what I actually wanted. I was then given the reference of our reputed training centre none other than 'KEIMOUDO TRAINING CENTRE' the BEST martial arts training centre! When I first visited the centre I was really motivated and I thought this is really different from others. When I saw the passion and dedication with which the students were practising, I decided that I should join here. In fact I felt sorry that I hadn’t learnt this when I was a kid, but then I decided there is no age limit when you really want to learn something new.
I started attending my daily classes and I am much more healthier and stronger mentally, emotionally and physically then before! This intense workout has improved my mental health because it has taught me how to meditate and draw upon spiritual energy. Through physical exercise and proper breathing, the body releases a healthy amount of endorphins, and it makes me feel stronger, fitter, and healthier each day. Martial arts and its techniques requires a certain degree of patience and attention to detail. The moves take years to master.
I have acquired great self-confidence through martial arts and this also permeates into my daily life, whether it is at office or at home. Thus, self-confidence is an incredible by-product of Keimoudo martial arts training. Developing proper technique is a must. In doing this, I have enhanced my focus and stillness because this synchronizes our mind and body. It has taught me great morals and values.
Truly, Keimoudo has endless benefits in one's life. My sincere thanks to the Master for being such an excellent guide. I was really blown away by your expertise and your teaching style. You are really a valuable training treasure and a perfect gateway mentor for us students throughout our martial arts journey.
Lastly I would like to say, it takes a special kind of determination to be a real martial artist. The strengths and positive traits we pick during our training journey stay with us throughout our lives...!

Tanvi S. Gujran, M. Sc. (Biotech)
Keimoudo Yellow Belt, Apr 2018
Senior Associate, Willis and Watson Towers