Keimoudo Teachers Training Course

IIMMA offers Residential Teachers Training Course in Keimoudo.

This course is for those who wish to devote their life towards advancing the unique Martial Arts system of Keimoudo by imparting it to others. As teachers of Keimoudo, they will play a lead role in promoting the art to people all over the world.

Individuals must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible to enroll for the Keimoudo Teachers Training course:

Note: The above eligibility requirements can be fulfilled by practitioners of any discipline/style/system of martial arts.

The following are covered through talks and practical sessions:
1. Detailed information on the syllabus and how to teach it
2. Understanding the responsibilities of a teacher
3. Understanding how to effectively teach the Art
4. Maintaining student-teacher relationship
5. Expanding training centres
6. Organizing and handling IIMMA Events such as Training Camps and Tournaments, etc.

If you wish to enroll for the upcoming Keimoudo Teacher's Training Course,