Self Defence for Corporates

Empowering Employees at Work and Everywhere

Working professionals often find themselves in situations when their safety is at risk from external unknown attacker(s). The situations could arise during their everyday commute, when they travel to outside destinations, or at the workplace itself. Risk factors are present in every industry, whether it is IT and ITES industries, Airlines, etc.—which require employees to work late or at odd hours—factories, and with companies like banks, jewelry manufacturers, etc. that deal with valuables.

According to the Master, everyone must be able to defend himself/herself. And one does not need to be a martial arts expert to learn this critical knowledge.

IIMMA brings this knowledge right to the corporate doorstep. It offers self defence courses and workshops for corporate employees to empower them at work and outside.

Corporates can choose from the following self defence programs for their employees:
I. One-day self defence workshop at office premises
II. Three-months self defence course at office premises
III. One-day K.I.S.S. workshop at the Gurukul, the Master's abode at Lonavala

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One-Day Workshops:
These are ideal for corporates who are unable to schedule regular self defence sessions, but still feel that their employees need to learn self defence.

Some important aspects of the workshop:
1. It is FULLY PRACTICAL and not theory-based.
2. All techniques are Simple, Natural, and Effective.
3. Anyone of Any Age and any Physical Makeup can learn and execute the techniques with ease.
4. They focus on simulating real-life situations and practicing the techniques until they are confident that they can execute them.

Duration of the workshop: One Day, 4 hours

II. Three-Months Course:
This course is meant for corporates that have the venue and are able to schedule time for regular practice of self defence. Regular practice will help improve overall fitness and health, release stress, and prepare the body and mind for self defence.

Employees will be taught:
1. Exercises for fitness and flexibility
2. Body postures and stances for striking and defence
3. Hand and Foot techniques for self defense
4. Blocking techniques for defence and counter-strike

The regular sessions will be open for female and male employees. At the end of three months, they will participate in a complementary workshop on self defence (for details, revisit One-Day Workshops)

Duration of the course: 60 minute sessions conducted twice a week for 3 months

III.One-Day K.I.S.S. Retreat at The Gurukul
Want your employees to get truly empowered?
Organize the One-Day K.I.S.S. Retreat at the Gurukul and treat them to a one-of-its-kind empowerment experience. The Gurukul, situated at Lonavala, in Maharashtra, India, is the abode of the Master.

Employees can learn under the direct guidance of the Master and practice self defense with the help of specially designed terrains and equipment at the Gurukul, and in an environment charged by the Master's aura and wisdom. It is a one of its kind experience that will have a far greater impact on the participants who attend the retreat.

Duration of the Retreat: One-day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (refreshments and lunch included)

To know more about the retreat, click here (Link to one-day K.I.S.S retreat at Gurukul)

All the corporate self defence programs focus on two aspects:
1. How to overcome opponents
2. How to avoid and handle potentially dangerous situations

They cover the following:
1. Exercises for flexibility, stamina, and fitness
2. Self Defence techniques for avoiding and evasion
3. Practical application of the techniques in risky situations
4. Use of personal belongings for self defence

Benefits for employees:
1. Increased confidence and self esteem
2. An understanding of how to avoid and evade risky situations
3. An understanding of important elements of self defence
4 Increased chances of safety and survival in potentially risky situations

Why should the organization conduct the programs?
1. Improved workforce morale
2. Better preparedness for risk and disaster at an organization level
3. Gain recognition as an organization that is conscious and serious about the safety and well being of its workforce

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