7-Days K.I.S.S. Retreat at 'The Gurukul', Lonavala

A one-of-its-kind martial arts holiday for those without a background in martial arts

Have you always harbored a secret desire to learn martial arts?
Do you feel you might not be able to protect yourself and/or your loved ones in a dangerous situation?
Do you feel that your job, city, or general environment is fraught with risks, uncertainties, and dangers?
Do you like working out and exercising?
Do you like to do something unique for your holiday?
Have you wanted to experience disciplined relaxation in Traditional Indian Ashram environment?

If you've answered yes to even one of these, then join us for the 7-Days K.I.S.S. Retreat!

Come to the Master's abode at Lonavala, the pristine hill station at Maharashtra, India and spend a week with one of the greatest martial arts masters of this era.

What Is K.I.S.S.?
Keimoudo Intensive Self-defense System (K.I.S.S.) is a part of the vast science, Keimoudo—Meditative Martial Arts and has been founded by the Master to address the health and self-defense needs of today's fast-paced generation, who cannot even spare 1DŽ hours every day for regular practice of martial arts. It is a special system designed by the Master for the people of this day and age, who have such hectic schedules that they do not have time to join regular practice sessions. Often such people are exposed to very risky situations, where they become helpless, panic and give up, with disastrous consequences.

Important aspects of K.I.S.S.:
It is for anyone above 18 years having no previous background in martial arts or exercise Its techniques are simple, natural but highly effective The objective is not to make people expert martial artists, but to empower them by teaching effective techniques and giving them powerful ideas that can save their lives.

The K.I.S.S. Retreat includes:
1. A well-balanced training regimen comprising Exercises, and K.I.S.S. self defence techniques, indoor and outdoor training, use of personal items for self defence, and workshops on personal protection and danger prevention.
2. Morning Yoga sessions, meditation, and Pranayama for overall health and wellbeing
3. Mantra Chanting, Relaxation Techniques, and Meditation for energizing self
4. Nourishing and balanced meals for a healthy body and mind
5. Guidance sessions with the Master on various subjects such as what to eat and how to live an empowering and contented life
6. SATSANG for higher awareness and peace of mind!

Benefits of the K.I.S.S. Retreat
1. In just one week, get a complete experience of martial arts practice
2. Learn directly under the guidance of a peerless Martial Arts Master and Yoga Acharya from an Authentic Lineage
3. Feel confident about your ability to defend yourself in any situation
4. Gain insights into the dimensions of Keimoudo—the spiritual martial science Founded by the Master
5. Spend one week in a beautiful and invigorating environment in the midst of nature
6. Rejuvenate the body and mind
7. Reduce stress and anxiety
8. Improve concentration
9. Feel fit, experience peace of mind and positive thinking
10. Feel an upliftment in your aura and energy as you experience lifestyle of a traditional Indian Gurukulam/Ashram
11. Open your eyes to a new dimension of life!

Important Notes:
1. Following the schedule is mandatory
2. The daily schedule may change from time to time according to need.
3. Spoken and teaching language will be English/Hindi.

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