One-Day K.I.S.S. Retreat at The Gurukul, Lonavala

A Fun, Empowering, and Invigorating Getaway for those without a background in Martial Arts

Most people love martial arts. Deep within, most people also nurture the idea of being strong, flexible, courageous, and having the ability to come out of dangerous and risky situations. But due to various situations, most of which are beyond their control, they are not able to join regular martial arts courses and so do not have the knowledge to effectively handle risky and potentially dangerous situations.

Keeping the empowerment needs of such people in mind, the Master has specially designed the Keimoudo Intensive Self-defence System (K.I.S.S.).

What is K.I.S.S.?
K.I.S.S. is a workshop-style retreat workshop designed by the Master for people who do not have a background in martial arts and are yet often exposed to very risky situations. The retreat introduces simple, natural, and highly effective techniques that anyone of any age, gender, and physical makeup can learn.

Some important aspects of the Retreat:
1. It is conducted at the Gurukul, the pristine abode of the Master at Lonavala, a beautiful hill station in Maharashtra, India
2. It is conducted under the direct guidance and presence of the Master
3. The Gurukul has the right infrastructure to simulate several indoor and outdoor situations of risk, giving participants maximum opportunity to learn many self defence techniques
4. It is FULLY PRACTICAL and not theory-based.
5. All techniques are Simple, Natural, and Effective.
6. Anyone of Any Age and any Physical Makeup can learn and execute the techniques with ease.
7. They focus on simulating real-life situations and practicing the techniques until participants are confident that they can execute them.

The Retreat focuses on two aspects:
1. How to overcome opponents
2. How to avoid and handle potentially dangerous situations

It covers the following:
1. Exercises for flexibility, stamina, and fitness
2. Self Defence techniques for avoiding and evasion
3. Practical application of the techniques in risky situations
4. Use of personal belongings for self defence
5. Simulation of outdoor risky situations
6. An interactive workshop with the Master

1. Enjoy a refreshing day out in the Gurukul set amid the beautiful hills of Lonavala
2. Feel healthy and empowered
3. Increase confidence and self esteem
4. Understand how to avoid and evade risky situations
5. Understand important elements of self defence
6. Increase your chances of being safe and surviving in potentially risky situations

Who can enroll?
IIMMA schedules the retreats for corporate groups as well as individuals.

Duration of the Retreat: One day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Refreshments and Lunch included)

Location: The Gurukul, Lonavala, Maharashtra State, India

How to Enroll?
Corporates: Contact us at +91 7506833990 to schedule a retreat
Individuals: Contact us at +91 8879496321 to join us on our upcoming retreat or to book a retreat for your group

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