Become a Member of IIMMA!

IIMMA offers annual memberships to martial arts enthusiasts who wish to experience its divine qualities. As a member of IIMMA you will enjoy several benefits, including invitations to our events as well as opportunities to interact and meet the Master.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail on with the following information:
1. Your full name (Given Name, Middle Name, and Surname)
2. Date of Birth (Date/Month/Year)
3. Gender (Male/Female)
4. Complete Postal Address
5. Country of residence
6. Contact Number: Mobile
7. Contact Number: Land-Line (If applicable)
8. Martial Arts System(s) you are proficient in
9. Current Belt and Rank
10. Mention in 50 to 100 words why you wish to become a member of IIMMA
11. Attach a copy of your current Certificate of Rank (If you practice any system of martial arts)

Your application will be reviewed by the Master, and we will get back to you regarding the next steps.

On completion of all the formalities, you will become a member of IIMMA and will receive an Identification Card.

Benefits for an IIMMA member:
1. Provision of IIMMA newsletters and e-letters
2. Entry for all IIMMA events
3. Can enroll for residential Keimoudo Training Camps
4. Can enroll for Keimoudo Teachers Training Course
5. Can affiliate dojo/training centre with IIMMA
6. Opportunity to interact personally with the Master