Affiliate your Dojo/Training Centre With IIMMA!

If you are a martial arts enthusiast and wish to teach the divine art of Keimoudo to your students, affiliate your Dojo/Training Center with IIMMA.


To apply for affiliation you must:
1. Be a certified Black Belt instructor\teacher of any discipline/style/system of martial arts
2. Have at least one dojo/training centre with a minimum strength of 30 students


Before applying for IIMMA affiliation, you must first:
1. Become a member of IIMMA
2. Become a teacher of Keimoudo
3. The students of your dojo/training centre must also become members of IIMMA
To know more, read about IIMMA Memberships

If you have satisfied the above-mentioned pre-requisites, and you wish to affiliate your Dojo/training center with IIMMA, please send us an e-mail on with the following information:
1. A copy of your IIMMA membership Identity card
2. Mention the number of students who are currently enrolled in your Dojo/Training Centre. (Note: all of them must be members of IIMMA)
3. Mention in 50 to 100 words why you wish to affiliate your Dojo/training center with IIMMA
Your application will be reviewed by the Master, and we will get back to you regarding the next steps.

Once your application is accepted and you complete all formalities, you will receive the following:
1. Dojo/training centre's Affiliation Certificate
2. A Schedule of IIMMA Fees
3. A copy of IIMMA Affiliation Policy*
*The IIMMA Affiliation Policy contains detailed explanation of IIMMA policies and procedures for registering students, grading students, uniform dress code and much more. It is the Instructors\Teacher's guide on how to run the dojo/training centre within the guidelines of IIMMA.

IIMMA Affiliation Benefits
As an affiliate of IIMMA, you will enjoy the following benefits:
1. International affiliation certification
2. Enhanced business opportunity
3. Technical consultancy and support
4. Opportunity to personally interact with the Master
5. Guidance to organize training camps and tournaments in association with IIMMA
6. Discounts on subscriptions to IIMMA newsletters, magazines, books and publications
7. Discounts on Keimoudo training equipment, Keimoudo martial arts weapons and other items ordered from IIMMA

Affiliation Terms and Conditions
1. The affiliation with IIMMA will be valid as long as the applicant is a member of IIMMA and is a certified and authorized Black Belt instructor/ teacher of Keimoudo.
2. Training should be followed as per the specified syllabus (curriculum) of IIMMA.
3. Affiliations will be valid for a period of 1 year and thereafter can be renewed.