International Outreach: Essence of Keimoudo

Experience Martial Energy with an Authentic Martial Arts Master

Keimoudo goes beyond being just an art. It is a science; a way of life that can transform lives. Through the international outreach program, martial arts lovers can invite the Master to their home country anywhere in the world, where we will conduct the high-powered Essence of Keimoudo workshop for the group.

'Essence of Keimoudo' is a platform that brings martial arts lovers for a unique purpose: not to fight, show off technical prowess, win medals or trophies or prize money, but to experience true martial energy.

It is a unique opportunity for martial arts lovers worldwide to experience how martial science can unite people in a brotherhood that is strong, brave, courageous, and yet is humanitarian, peace-loving, and compassionate.

Come experience the positive energy and virtues of Keimoudo and work with us to create a global commune of selfless martial arts practitioners.

What to Expect in Your Rendezvous with the Master?
1. Introduction to the art, science and virtues of Keimoudo—the world's first spiritual martial science
2. Practice of Intensive, high-powered, energy generating and cathartic Keimoudo techniques
3. Practice of Intensive active and passive Keimoudo meditation techniques
4. Integrating the virtues of Keimoudo in everyday life
5. Highly contemplative and uplifting 'Talks' with the Master on role of martial artists in uplifting the world and making it a better place

Who Is It For?
Martial Arts Practitioners and Enthusiasts Worldwide

Duration of the Program: 7 Days, Full Day (Residential/Non-Residential)

We're waiting to hear from you. Contact us on +91 7506833990 to plan the next Essence of Keimoudo program in your city/country.