Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can practise Keimoudo?
Ans: Anyone—men, women, boys and girls—who are 7 years and above can learn Keimoudo. It is a complete discipline and therefore can be practised by anyone, irrespective of their goal, age and gender. Its martial arts training is suited for those looking for overall fitness, health and well being, those wanting to learn self-defence, and those seeking spiritual answers.
IIMMA has separate batches for children and adults and imparts training accordingly.

Q: Are students awarded belts?
Ans: Yes. Upon joining the regular course, students' progress is graded every quarter through grading exams, after which they are awarded progressive grading belts in Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown belts.
After the successful completion of the basic course in Keimoudo, students are awarded the Black Belt 1st DAN. After this, Keimoudo Black Belts who wish to learn the art further can enroll for Black Belt Higher DAN Course.

Q. Are students taught tournament-style sparring in Keimoudo?
Ans: Yes. Even though the Master says that the primary aim of Keimoudo is not winning a bout, IIMMA conducts its Annual Keimoudo Kickboxing Sparring Tournament once a year. Students from all of IIMMA's centres and Affiliated Centres participate in the tournament.
Although Keimoudo's objective is spiritual development, it nevertheless has regular sparring sessions in its syllabus, and IIMMA's annual sparring tournaments represent the culmination of these sparring sessions.
The objective is to motivate students to show their skills in the application of what they have learnt, and winners are awarded medals as a mark of encouragement.

Q: What food should one consume to ensure best health for the practice of Keimoudo?
Ans: The Master says that all natural foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts and good food prepared fresh at home are the best. One must eat balanced food, drink sufficient water and avoid overeating, skipping meals, or under-eating. For more details, you can personally schedule an appointment with the Master.