Black Belt Higher DAN Courses

IIMMA also conducts international standard residential training camps for students aspiring for higher DAN Black Belt. These certification courses train them according to the prescribed Black Belt syllabus for that DAN, and students understand the art and its techniques in a deeper way. They learn about the qualities that differentiate a Black Belt from other students and the virtues they need to cultivate. They get a glimpse of the DANs ahead of them and how they are to go about achieving them.

IIMMA offers Black Belt Courses for every DAN. The individuals must satisfy the following conditions to be considered eligible to enrol for the Keimoudo Black Belt Higher DAN courses:
1. Must belong to the age group 8 - 17 years to enlist in the juniors category.
2. Must be 18 years and above to enlist in the seniors category.
3. Must have at least a Brown Belt in any discipline/style/system of martial arts for enrolling themselves for a Black Belt 1st DAN in Keimoudo.

Eligibility Criteria for higher DAN in Black Belt

Who Can Enroll
Practitioners and students of Keimoudo, as well as practitioners of any discipline/style/system of martial arts who satisfy the above criteria can apply for the Higher DAN Black Belt Courses.

Course Duration
Residential: 10 Days
Non-Residential: 1 month

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