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For Regular Courses in Keimoudo, Batch Timings, etc. at our IIMMA Centres and Affiliated Centres Contact:
Teacher Monica Ramaswamy: +91 8879496321

For Sessions conducted at our Maitho Martial Arts Affiliated Training Centres Contact:
Teacher Maitreyi J. Thosar: +91 8879445791

For Keimoudo Teachers Training Course and Black Belt Higher DAN Courses Contact:
Teacher Monica Ramaswamy: +91 8879496321

For K.I.S.S. Workshops (conducted for various groups) Contact:
Teacher Harsha S. Udupa: +91 7506833990

For memberships and affiliations, or for any queries write to us at:

To know more about Keimoudo, to request for an appointment to meet the Master or to enrol for the Keimoudo—Warriors' Way of Enlightenment Course write to us at: with the following details: