About Us

Keimoudo®—The Warriors' Way of Enlightenment is a meditative martial arts system founded by veteran martial arts master, Master Yoga Acharya Dr. M. J. Pillai.

About the Founder Master:

Master Yoga Acharya Dr. M. J. Pillai, reverentially addressed as Master by His students and disciples worldwide, is one of the most respected names in the Indian Martial Arts arena. In a martial arts journey spanning over 3 decades, the Master has trained thousands of students—men, women, and children—from across the world. He is the founder of the International Institute of Meditative Martial arts (IIMMA) and Keimoudo, the first and only spiritual martial science.

Early Life
The Master was introduced to martial arts at a very young age. Early success and an ever deepening passion for martial arts made the Master learn and master various systems of martial arts, such as Karate, Kalari, Kung fu, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Varmam, and Ninjutsu. He was a member of several US-based Ninja organizations and was invited to attend the 5th World Ninja Summit in the USA. This extensive and profound experience earned Him the degree of Black Belt 7th DAN

The Spiritual Quest
While experiencing the dynamics of each art, the Master realized that martial arts was practised as a way of life in ancient India thousands of years ago. It was introduced in China in 540 A.D. by Master Bodhidharma, an Indian spiritual Master. Master Bodhidharma introduced Dhyana (C'han in Chinese and Zen in Japanese) along with martial techniques to monks at the Shaolin Temple in China. This later came to be known as Shaolin Kung fu, which later became the source of karate, taekwondo, and other systems of martial arts that are now popular around the world.

With this realization, the Master undertook a fervent quest to seek the essence of martial arts. The Master also studied various ancient Indian arts and sciences like the Art and Science of Varmam Shastra and Yoga Vedanta. He also learnt various healing arts like Medical Acupuncture, Reiki Energy Healing, and Medicines.

He earned prestigious titles such as Yoga Siromani, Yoga Acharya, Varma Valloon, Reiki Grandmaster, and Doctor of Medicines (M.D.)

However the most significant development was the Master's initiation into traditional Yoga Vedanta, where with the blessings of His Gurudev, the Master attained spiritual awakening. It was then that He understood the missing links and comprehended the meaning, purpose, and divinity of Martial arts.

The Master understood that, Martial arts practiced without the state of meditativeness makes you a Master Technician, but not a Selfless Master. A technician perfects the outward aspects of the art that are visible, but remains unaware of the energy factor, which is the essence beyond appearances.

The Art: Keimoudo
With the dawn of this profound realization, the Master Founded Keimoudo, a martial arts system that includes the spiritual dimension. Keimoudo goes beyond self defence and develops the body, balances the mind, and prepares practitioners for the spiritual journey. The Master calls Keimoudo The Warriors' Way of Enlightenment.

Under the direct guidance of the Master, the Warriors' Way of Enlightenment Course is conducted for ardent martial artists who seek the ultimate human experience: Enlightenment. More

The Institute: IIMMA
The Master founded the International Institute of Meditative Martial Arts (IIMMA) as an organization dedicated to teaching and promoting Keimoudo to martial arts enthusiasts across the world.

IIMMA offers regular courses, residential training camps and teachers training courses in Keimoudo. It also conducts self-defence workshops for those without a martial arts background.

The Gurukul: IIMMA's International Base
The Master has set up a Gurukul (shrine) at Lonavala, in the state of Maharashtra, India. The Gurukul is IIMMA's international base for activities conducted across the globe.

It is a sprawling campus set amidst green valleys and dense forests in the Sahyadri mountain range. It is a place where martial arts enthusiasts can stay with the Master and learn a gamut of life-transforming disciplines under one roof. It is an ideal destination for dedicated practitioners to leave behind the petty concerns of everyday life and soak in the art in a pristine environment.